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Due to the volume of questions received on the Transit Services Agreement Request for Proposals posting of the Questions/Responses is delayed. We anticipate posting them by January 28th.

The Tuolumne County Transit Agency(TCTA) is seeking proposals for a four year agreement to manage and operate the Tuolumne County Regional Public Transit System, Tuolumne County Transit. Tuolumne County Transit provides both fixed route and demand response services. A Request for Proposals (RFP) document containing general conditions, specifications, instructions for Proposers and all necessary Proposal Forms are now available. Proposals are due February 19, 2015. The startup date for the Agreement is July 1, 2015. The RFP may be accessed on the website or by submitting a letter of interest to: Tuolumne County Transit Agency, Senior Administrative Analyst, 2 South Green Street, Sonora, CA, 95370; or Diane Bynum

SkiBUS service begins on Saturday, December 20 and will run DAILY through Christmas and New Years Holidays until Sunday January 4, 2015


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