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Please Note: No Transit Service Days!

Dec 25th and Jan 1st

Requests for Proposals for Bulk Fuel and Cardlock Fueling Services

Bulk FuelService

Cardlock Fueling Service

Join the excitment!

Dodge Ridge is OPEN!
Service to Dodge Ridge will begin daily runs through New Years
on December 19th!

Take the Trolley to the Christmas Parade!

Holiday Trolley Service

Advertising Sales Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal

Attachement A- Draft Agreement

Current Advertising Agreement

FTA-DOT Requirements

Debarment Certification Form

Lobbying Certification Form

Unmet Transit Needs to be Discussed!

Groveland Meeting Info

Sonora Meeting Info

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NextBus provides arrival prediction estimates to passengers based upon real time and not the scheduled time. This new technology gives passengers different ways to access the predictions: by calling a phone number, texting, or access from a website.

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