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New Bus stops added to Fixed Route schedules

In October we put out a public notice letting our riders know that the new bus stops on Stockton Street will be added to all fixed routes. For Route 1 the stop at "lower SaveMart" will move up to the new stop right next to Hotel Lumberjack. We also changed our downtown stop at "Courthouse Park" to a "On-Demand" pick up location. This means that if riders want to be picked up from Courthouse Park they will need to call our dispatchers ahead of time. This will be the same for Route 2 and Groveland/Columbia Connect. The number for On-Demand pickups is 209.532.0404.

Route 2 will now turn left on Stockton Street, picking up at Hotel Lumberjack then make a right on Bradford street to get back to South Washington. The rest of Route 2 out to the College remains the same. Coming back from the College Route 2 will make a right on Bradford then a left onto Stockton Street so it can pick up at the new stop near Bank of America. From here Route 2 remains the same.

Groveland/Columbia Connect will now pick up at the new bus stop near Bank of America on the way to the College. Coming back from the College it will stop at the new bus stop next to Hotel Lumberjack. The courthouse park stop will now be "On-Demand". Again, the number for on-demand is 209.532.0404.

These changes will go into service on January 2, 2024. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our office at 209.533.6564.

Route 1 January 2024
Download PDF • 127KB

Route 2 January 2024
Download PDF • 135KB

Groveland Columbia Connect. January 2024
Download PDF • 112KB


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