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2. Sierra Village - Sonora - Columbia

Route 2 January 2024.jpg
*Red boxes signify transfer opportunity to Route 1
Route Map

More Information

  • Sunshine Rd & Hwy 108


On Demand stops are made by calling Tuolumne County Transit ahead of the scheduled stop time (by at least 15 minutes), so the driver can be alerted, 532.0404.


If there is bus stop info at the site, please wait for the bus here.


Flag Stops

Flag Stops are made by standing in a location along an existing route that the bus can safely stop at.  


Flagging an approaching bus involves indicating early and clearly to the driver that you desire the bus to stop.


Flag stops are at the discretion of the driver, taking into consideration the safety of passengers on board.

On-Demand Stops
  • Transfer at Transit Center to Routes 1, 3, 4, and 5

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