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Additional Transportation Providers

Common Ground    (800) 303-4799

Common Grounds' "Silver Streak" program provides scheduled medical transportation within Tuolumne County for residents aged 60 years and older who are unable to use public transit.  The service is funded by the Area 12 Agency on Aging to facilitate transportation for grocery shopping, pharmacy, bank, and other errands and supports transportation to the senior center, in conjunction with its senior meals program. 88 Bradford St, Sonora

Veterans Administration;   209.588.2600

A 40-passenger bus leaves Sonora each weekday around 5:00 a.m. from the Community Based Outpatient Clinic and transports veterans down to the Central Valley where connections can be made to travel all the way to the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Medical Center. This bus returns daily between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. 

Wheels (Groveland area);  209.962.6952

Wheels is a transportation program for seniors aged 60 and over in the Groveland area as well as persons with disabilities. WHEELS uses volunteer drivers to provide trips for daily living activities of older adults. Most trips are provided locally but capability exists to bring individuals down into Sonora. The WHEELS’ volunteer driver program utilizes an innovative scheduling tool, through Google DRIVE, to schedule trips for riders and to inform drivers of their trips. 

Private Providers:

Frontier Cab;  209.288.2900

Mother Lode Adventure Charter Service;   209.677.3183

Linkline Bus Charters and Tours;  209.694.8747

Nexstep Transportation;  209.352.9139  Click for Brochure

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Tuolumne TRIP Program              Click for Brochure

The underlying philosophy of Tuolumne Trip is that residents of Tuolumne County can be self-reliant when provided with a structure of transportation support that empowers leveraging of community goodwill and encourages the establishment and expansion of personal social networks. This empowerment philosophy of Tuolumne Trip can help build and connect our community.


In every community, there is a population faced with complications that make travel for basic quality of life needs extraordinarily challenging. This could be due to lack of service availability or mobility limitations caused by physical, mental or financial challenges. Tuolumne Trip is intended to provide a transportation alternative for those isolated and homebound individuals who cannot use current services (listed below) or are current ADA Certified Dial A Ride users wishing to substitute more convenient travel options by providing them with the tools to connect with available and new community resources. 


  • Tuolumne County Transit: Dial-A-Ride offers curbside pick-up and drop off services to persons with disabilities with ADA Certification and persons who are 60 years of age or older.  209/532-0404


  • Catholic Charities: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation available to adults 60 years of age and older who because of mobility or other issues are unable to use private or public transportation.  209/533-7632


  • Veterans: Medical transportation to and from Sonora to select Veteran’s medical facilities. Sonora Veterans Clinic.  209/588-2600


  • Southside Community Connections, Wheels: Serves the needs of Seniors in the Groveland and Big Oak Flat area.  209/962-7303

Program Documents:

Trip Philosophy- Click to see

Application- Click to see

Program Application Flow Chart

Program Brochure

For additional program details or questions about eligibility please call Tuolumne County Transportation Council staff at 209.533.5603 or email 

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