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COVID-19 Service Update (Masks)

We understand that you may be concerned about using public transportation during this time!

  • Buses are cleaned daily and common areas wiped down repeatedly (hand sanitizer provided on all vehicles)

  • Tuolumne County Transit is currently running Fixed Route 1, Fixed Route 2 and a General Public Dial-a-Ride (think Uber or Lyft in a bus, with slightly longer wait times for us to get to you!)

  • Masks are encouraged but no longer mandatory. There will still be free masks on the buses.

  • No fares are being collected from passengers at this time.

  • Tuolumne County Transit has a Rides For All Program (in partnership with community organizations, social services and local agencies) where free tickets for trips can be secured

  • Tuolumne County Transit also supports a volunteer driver program (TRIP), where mileage reimbursements can be paid to your driver (see website for more details)

  • Let's talk about how Tuolumne County Transit may be able to get you where you need to go!

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