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Tuolumne County Transit Agency Has a New App!

For Dial-A-Ride

We are very excited to announce that Tuolumne County Transit Agency now has an app for our Dial-a-ride users. While it took a lot of time and work to get it set up properly we are pleased to let you know that it is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for FREE.

Upon creating your account you may be asked to call 209.532.0404 to finish setting up the account. We do this because there are many addresses that are buses have not been to that may be unsafe or not wide enough. Sometimes we can tell right away from checking on google maps but other times we have to send a safety officer to the address to make sure it's okay for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Once your account is created you can begin reserving rides.

Here are some helpful links:

-Dial-a-ride service policy and schedule

-TC Transit App Google Play Store

-TC Transit App Apple App Store

-Video of Tim Gillespie (Transit Planner) and Ryan Campbell (District 2 Supervisor) discussing the new app.

Why does Tuolumne have a new app?

We decided that although calling in for a dial-a-ride reservation works great for most people, some people would like the option to reserve those rides on their mobile device or computer. 

Is there anything changing about the Dial-A-Ride service?

The service itself is not changing. If you would like to call 209.532.0404 like you usually do to make reservations you can still do that. It will remain a first come first serve service so we continue to recommend reserving your ride at least two days in advance for a higher chance of getting the reservation time you request. Service hours will remain the same, Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm. Saturday 11:00am - 4:00pm and no service on Sunday.

Does this work with the fixed route buses?

The "TC Transit App" does not work with our fixed route buses. The bulk of this project was creating Tuolumne County Transit an app for reserving dial-a-ride. For fixed routes, Tuolumne County residents and visitors can can download "Transit App" for live route information, stop predictions and schedules. Tuolumne County Transit Agency is not affiliated with "Transit App". This app is also FREE to download.


Does it cost anything to use Tuolumne County Transit or the new app?

It is completely FREE to download the app and create an account. Dial-a-ride and fixed route services still remain FREE of charge also at this time.

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