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Pinecrest Passes

Sonora to Pinecrest- Memorial Day Weekend-July 4th Weekend-- Labor Day Weekend* 

* No Service on the holiday proper

To Pinecrest











Jamestown- Preston Lane Apts

Jamestown- Main Street (Post Office)

Sonora- Inns of Ca (Washington St)

The Junction- TJ MAXX

Twain Harte Park/7-11

Twain Harte Market

Sugar Pine- Fire Station

Mi Wuk Village- Market

Sierra Village- Market

Cold Springs- Market

Pinecrest Lake

* All times approximate and may be affected by adverse weather conditions

** OD- On Demand; Please call 209.532.0404 to request service at these locations.

Stand in a visible location to ensure the driver can see you as they approach.

To Sonora:

4pm- Pinecrest Lake (Parking Lot #2)

Request Drops at the following:

  • ​Cold Springs Market

  • Sierra Village Market

  • Alicia's Sugar Shack (Sugar Pine)

  • Twain Harte Market

  • ​​Best Western - Sonora Oaks

  • Junction Shopping Center

  • ​Inns Of California

  • Main Street- Jamestown

5:30 pm- Preston Lane- Jamestown

Service Hours
  • Weekends and Holidays from Memorial Day to Labor Day

Jamestown-Sierra Village to Pinecrest- $10 adult roundtrip; $5 child (<12), $5 Discounted (ADA/Veteran/Student/Senior/MediCare)
Cold Springs to Pinecrest- $5 adult roundtrip; $5 child (<12), $5 Discounted (ADA/Veteran/Student/Senior/MediCare)
Family Pack- $25 (Two Adults, two Children)
Discounted rate- $15
Space is limited
Please be advised, space is limited on the bus.  There is storage underneath the bus, overhead storage and some cargo space at the rear of the bus.  For this reason, items that can be brought on the bus is limited to:
What Can be brought:                                           What Can't be transported:
One (1) ice chest per family                                 BBQ's/Propane/Briquettes/Lighter fluid
Backpacks/Duffle/Tote bags                                Wagons/Carts/wheeled transports
compact or folding umbrellas                             Large bulky shades that dont break down
compact/folding chairs                                        non folding chairs
Kids/Adult toys (sand, games,etc)                       Sorry, No Pets!
Life jackets                                                              Inflated swim or flotation devices 
Items not listed are at the discretion of the driver and may be refused for transport.  All items must fit within limited space on the vehicle or kept within the control of the passenger at all times.  Please be respectful of other passengers and driver.
Please call ahead to inquire about this service: 209.532.0404
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