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Answers to advertising RFP

  1. Are there any plans to add additional buses to the inventory within the next three years? Yes, over the next three years buses will be added to the inventory as well as taken out of inventory. The total number of buses in our fleet will usually not go above 22.

  2. Can you provide a list of current advertisers on the buses?

List of current advertisers on TCT buses
Download PDF • 92KB

3. Is there a specific time frame we can install on the buses?

Sunday is the best day for installing because that is when all buses are parked in the yard. You can install on other days with prior arrangements.

4. What are the spec sizes for Trolley Tail Mount? Trolley interior spot? NON Trolley Tail Mount? Side? This information is needed to get an accurate quote from the installation company.

Trolley spec sizes for ads. Interior spot is 11x17in Exterior spot is 28x32in

NON Trolley spec sizes for ads. various sizes for the sides ( 70x30in, 77x27in, 84x30in,) Tail mount is 77x21in.

5. Will we have to either mail or drop off a physical copy of the one technical and cost proposal? Will we also submit an electronic copy of the technical and cost proposal via this email?

You can mail or drop off in person by 2:00pm on the due date. If by mail we must have the proposal in our possession by 2:00pm. We suggest mailing it out a few days before you normally would. If dropping it off in person make sure to be at our office before 2:00pm on the due date. Both the technical and cost proposal needs to be submitted together. For the electronic copies we suggest putting them on a flash drive and shipping them with the physical copies in one package. You will not submit any of your items via email.


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