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Public Notice of upcoming fixed route schedule changes.

Tuolumne County Transit Agency will have two new bus stops added to our fixed route schedules in the next month or so. Below you can view our DRAFT Schedules that will be implemented on October 11, 2023. From now until then, we are asking for the publics input on these draft schedules. The two new bus stops will be on Stockton St, one on the north side next to The Hotel Lumberjack and the other on the south side next to Bank of America. These bus stops will be replacing our bus stop at Courthouse Park. Although Courthouse Park will no longer be a fixed stop it will still be available for "On-Demand" service. Please submit written comments to Tim Gillespie at

You can also call Tim at 209.533.6564

R1, R2, Grov. draft pdf
Download PDF • 110KB


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