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Q & A For Vinyl Wrap Quotes

We received five questions for this project. Below each question is our answer. We look forward to seeing your quotes!

1. Will TCTA provide facilities for removal and installation, if not, will TCTA provide transport of the vehicles to our facilities?

Yes, wraps can be removed and installed at our transit operations facility on Sanguinetti Road in Sonora.

2. What days of the week and/or lengths of time will the vehicles be available? Will the vehicles have the same due date for completion?

The buses can be made available from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

3. Will there be progress payments, i.e., per vehicle or a deposit paid up front? It is our business practice to require a deposit for materials.

We do not provide deposit on such small purchases. We will issue a purchase order that is a binding contract.

4. Is the winning bidder required to be bonded and if so for what amount?

We do not require bonding on such a small purchase.

5. The announcement line #3 states, "The exact location and size of the new brand will be finalized with the winning proposer based on bus size and features." Given this information the quote will need to be submitted in sq. ft. pricing unless an accurate description of the coverage is provided by October 12, 2021.

For us to fairly evaluate your price proposal, we need per bus prices. Square footage estimates should assume similar wrap coverage of sample buses in pictures provided. Price adjustments can be made on a per square footage basis from the assumed square footage for each bus.


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