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Questions for a Transit Ride Reservation Scheduling App. for Demand Response and Fixed Route RFP.

  1. Can TCTA please allow the use of verified e-signatures for this submission? Yes we can

  2. We respectfully request that TCTA allow for proposals to be submitted digitally (e.g. by email, portal upload, or similar). Allowing for digital proposal submissions is transit-industry best practice that reduces the environmental impacts of procurements while also enabling the most cost-effective and responsive proposals from bidders. No, if you refer to the RFP under item 5 you'll see that we require four hard copies as well as a USB version.

  3. Can TCTA please attach a copy of Attachment A? Yes, I have attached a copy under these questions.

  4. Is TCTA interested in Having APC’s (Automatic passenger counters) for their entire fleet? The TCTA is interested in APC's as an option item to consider in proposals.

  5. Is TCTA willing to accept partial bids that only meet some of the requirements in the RFP? Yes, TCTA will consider partial bids, however, partial bids may result in lower proposal scores.

  6. Can TCTA clarify what is meant by, “Can the Contractor provide the ability to login and log-out of our paratransit buses into the management interface?” Is the Agency looking for the ability to log in and out of the driver app from the vehicles? TCTA would like the ability to make changes to the system without having to contact the Contractor.

Here is attachment A

Attachment A - Existing AVL Hardware List
Download PDF • 112KB


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